Squarefish Ultra Shorts

It's like a playground for the Squarefish R&D lab. These very short animated films experiment with a whole range of techniques, design styles and scripts.


A zombie attack, a DIY session, and many other storylines in preparation! Stay connected!

Already released:

1. Zombies !
2. Bricol’ Girl

  • Storyboard:

    Laura Dada, Tian-You Zheng

  • Character design:

    Tian-You Zheng, Maxime Bouchez

  • Background design:

    Tian-You Zheng, Laura Dada

  • Animation:

    Bruno Chaix, Alexis Faton

  • Compositing:

    Christopher Cittadini, Alexis Faton, Laura Dada

  • Sound design:

    Gwenaëlle Deschenaux

  • Squarefish Ultra Shorts
  • Squarefish Ultra Shorts
  • Squarefish Ultra Shorts