Squarefish is always looking for new talent, so if you are interested to work with us, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are currently looking for

Communication Manager

For extern, intern and digital communication. Festivals and markets follow up. Production and HR experience is extra. Contact us for more infos. Send CV

2d animator

Squarefish is digging animated series (TV and web), that’s why we are extensively searching for crazy 2d animators. Toon Boom, Anime Studio, TV Paint or After Effects ! Send demoreel and resume with past experiences !

Project Manager

With Squarefish, project manager should bring projects and do the artistic and technical follow up. Contact us for more infos. Send resume.

Motion Designer

We are continually searching for good and passionate motion designers, working on a day basis with After Effects. C4D is a good extra. Knowledge of DuIK is super extra. Send showreel, CV, portfolio.


Squarefish works continuously with new talents in illustration. Each movie needs specific graphic background. Using on a day basis of Photoshop and Illustrator is required. Good knowledge of animation workflow (After Effects, Flash, ToonBoom). Send book, resume, portfolio, showreel.

3d generalist

3d is now part of our workflow and we are searching for good 3d guys (or girls), that can use Maya or Max or C4D. Fluids (RealFlow) are good extra. Send resume, showreel, portfolio. God will give you back.

Voice Artist

Dubbing and voice over is done every day at Squarefish. We are always looking for actors, voice artists, having homestudio or not. Send demo, website, resume.